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Mr. Bartenders Policies Terms & Conditions

Booking Policy

If you’d like to book, all you have to do is fill out the form in the body of your email and email it back. Once you get a reply saying you’re booked, you’re booked! You can book as far in advance as you’d like. Mr. Bartender does not recall every conversation he has with every client about every potential event. If you get sent the booking form and don’t respond until right before your event, you are not guaranteed a bartender. We do not start staffing our events until the email is returned and is responded to. A non-refundable deposit of 10% is required upon booking. A deposit of 50% of the total will be required 2 weeks before the event. It is entirely your responsibility to fill out the form correctly, including complete contact and event information. Within the booking form, you will find a question asking for your preferred method of payment; if that space is left blank, it will be assumed your preferred method of payment is credit card and you will be charged accordingly.


Payment Policy

We accept payment in the form of cash, check, PayPal, and all major credit cards. A service charge of 3.6% will be added to every credit card transaction. A deposit of 10% of the total will be required upon booking. A deposit of 50% of the total will be required 2 weeks before the event. The rest of the balance will be required 84 hours before the event. Your credit card number will be required upon booking. We will not charge the credit card in full if you wish to pay a different way. An amount of $1 will be charged to your card upon booking to authenticate credit card information, but will be refunded shortly after. If payment is not invoiced or collected at the appropriate time, it is still owed. However, lack of invoicing or collection of payment does not mean you are not still booked. Unused time is still subject to be charged. We do not refund for staff being sent home earlier than scheduled. If you wish to pay in cash, you must place the cash in a sealed envelope made out to Mr. Bartender, otherwise it will be interpreted as tip, and your credit card will be charged the total balance.


Planning Policy

You are paying a premium price for Mr. Bartender. Please take advantage of our consultation services. We offer menu, budgeting, and shopping consultations, as well as a wealth of knowledge of classic and craft cocktails. It is better to ask a hundred questions than to just assume something.


Cancellation Policy

You can cancel up to 84 hours before the event without penalty. If you wish to cancel after the 84-hour mark, you will forfeit 25% of the value of the total balance. If you cancel 60 hours before the event, you forfeit 50% of the total balance. If you cancel 36 hours before the event, you will forfeit 100% of the value of the total balance. Any items that have been already prepared or purchased for your event will be charged in full. Cancellation refers to any part of the booking, including, but not limited to bar rentals, glass rentals, and/or staff.


Late Booking Policy

If you wish to book a party that is only 84 hours away, you may be subject to a late fee. The late fee could be anywhere between $50-$300, depending on your requirements for the event.


Tipping Policy

You reserve the right to choose how you would like the bartender(s) to be tipped. You can either choose to allow a tip jar or to provide a hosted tip (where the host tips the bartender). If you would like, you can even do both. Bartenders, servers, and bar backs that work events make a large sum of their pay in tips, so tipping is highly encouraged. Mr. Bartender does not receive any amount of the tips; all of the tips go to the staff.

If you decide to go with the hosted tip, as a guide, the average recommended tip is $2-$3 per guest at regular events and $3-$4 per guest at weddings or long events (over 5 hours long). These numbers can change if the job is particularly long, requires more than what their job is supposed to entail, or if there were more staff hired to ensure a smooth event. If you decide on a hosted tip and do not tip, your credit card will be charged a standard hosted tip ($2 for every guest for regular parties and $3 for every guest for weddings and long parties). This policy/recommendation is cut in half for “Beer & Wine Only” or parties. This policy/recommendation is increased by 50% on holidays.

Choosing hosted tip means the bartender will not display a tip jar anywhere on the bar and will not expect patrons to tip. Choosing hosted tip does NOT mean the staff cannot accept tips if patrons insist on tipping the bartender. If the bartender accepts a patron’s tips, and you have chosen hosted tip, that does NOT mean you can avoid tipping the staff.

Whatever you decide to tip the bartender that night is final. You are not allowed to request a partial refund because you changed your mind the next day.

We expect our staff to make at least $2 per guest if their tip jar is out. If you chose to allow a tip jar, and the tip does not amount to at least $2 per guest ($3 for weddings or other large events), your card will be charged for the difference. For example, if the party size is 100 guests, and the staff’s tip only comes out to $50, your card will be charged the difference of $150 (excluding the credit card processing fee). This only applies if you chose a tip jar, as opposed to a hosted tip. This policy is to make sure our staff is not taken advantage of (like the time a party of 500 tipped a total of $22). This policy is cut in half for “Beer & Wine Only” parties and short parties (events that run 2 hours or less). This policy is increased by 50% on holidays.


Uniform Policies

Our staff wears a predetermined uniform (black suspenders & black bowtie for men, and black suspenders and pencil skirt for women). This is very important to our brand. If you wish to have the staff wear anything else, the rate is increased an extra $10/hour per staff member.


Holiday Policies

All rates are 50% higher than regular rates on holidays. This applies to staff and bar rentals. Holiday dates include: October 31st, November 24th, and December 24th, 25th, and 31st.


Parking Policies

The host is responsible for supplying all staff with convenient parking. You are responsible for all parking fees for all staff. If you violate this policy, you will be charged an extra $50 per staff member.


Changing Policies

Mr. Bartender reserves the right to change policies at any given moment. If you have booked prior to the new policy change, you will be notified of the new changes and be obligated to follow them.


Set Up & Breakdown Policies

The staff arrives an hour early for setup, unless it is a larger party and requires more time. There is a 4 hour minimum for most staff, and the setup hour is included in that 4 hour minimum. If you choose to for-go the setup time, you accept the fact that the bartender might not be ready to serve when you require them to. Weddings require a 2 hour (billable) setup time and a 1 hour (billable) breakdown time. Larger events may be billed a breakdown time as well. All of this would be discussed prior to booking. All parties are subject to at least a half hour breakdown charge. Some larger events may require longer setup and breakdown fees. Those will be discussed and agreed upon prior to the event. Additional bar setups (Positioning bar stations in different areas) will require an additional half hour or more of billable setup time. If you fail to inform us of additional bar setups, you will be charged an additional $100 fee per extra setup. The use of glassware (as opposed to disposable) might be subject to an extra half hour of setup time, particularly for larger parties.


Setup Time

All jobs are allocated at least a 1-hour setup time. Bar staff will arrive an hour before the noted event start time. During this time, bartenders will set up the bar to look aesthetically pleasing as well as practical and functional for the bartender’s use. They will also cap bottles, cut garnishes, chill beer & wine, and prepare and setup anything related to the bar or bartending. Some parties may require more than 1 hour of setup time. This is dependent on, but is not limited to, the length and nature of the event, the number of guests, and the amount of product we’re required to move. You have the option to forgo some or all of the recommended setup time, but you will be liable if the staff is not ready by the noted start time. My staff has the option to refuse service to guests if they are not finished setting up within the recommended setup time.

In some instances, while the party itself may be simple, the setup might be more difficult. It is the host’s responsibility to inform us if the setup may be particularly difficult.



Mr. Bartender carries $2 Million General Liability Insurance and $1 Liquor Liability Insurance. If your venue requires to be put on as an additional insurer or to just have a copy of our insurance, please let us know, and we’d be happy to comply.


Craft Ingredients

When requested certain drinks, we will assume you want the drinks created correctly and using fresh ingredients (unless told otherwise), so parts of the craft ingredients will automatically be added to your order, and you will be billed accordingly.


Branding Policy

We reserve the right to have our business cards displayed at every event. If at any point, you do not wish to have our business cards displayed, you will be charged a fee of $5 per guest.


Bartender Job Description

The bartenders at Mr. Bartender are highly skilled bartenders trained in the art of craft cocktails. They are NOT servers. Bartenders work behind the bar, making sure you get delicious drinks as fast as possible. If you think you’ll need a server, feel free to ask about requesting one of my many servers for your party. They will be glad to help you with anything else you might need. Bartenders have a 4 hour minimum.


Apprentice Bartender Job Description

The apprentice bartender’s job description is the same as the regular bartender’s job description. Apprentice bartenders have a 4 hour minimum. Apprentice bartenders are not allowed to be hired on the same jobs as principle bartenders. Apprentice bartenders are also not allowed to be hired for wedding receptions/ceremonies or other larger and more organized events.


Bar Back Job Description

A bar back is essentially a bartender’s assistant. They assist in keeping the ice, garnishes, beer, wine, and alcohol stocked. They also assist in trash disposal, bussing of bar glassware, or basically anything that has to do with the bar. My bar backs are actually all trained bartenders. However, due to my high standards for bartenders, I do not feel comfortable hiring them out as bartenders just yet as they do not have what I consider to be enough experience, but if for some reason the bartender would be too busy or is otherwise engaged, the bar back would be able to step in and bartend as well. Bar backs have a 4 hour minimum. They are not responsible for bussing tables.


Server Job Description

A server can be hired to help you with anything you might need to make sure your event runs smoothly, and so you won’t have to concentrate on every little detail during your party. They can pass out drinks/food, cleanup after guests, help prepare food, or anything else you might require. If there is something specific you’ll need the servers to do, please let me know, so we can see if we can help. You will also need to clearly communicate to the servers exactly what you want them to do. Servers have a 4 hour minimum. A captain server is required if 4 servers are hired.


Busser Job Description

A busser can be hired if your event has a fair amount of people and/or non-disposable glassware and dinnerware. Their job is to clear all trash and dinnerware/glassware from the event, as well as wash it if required.